Friday, February 21, 2014


Play Doh words

I try to find as many ways as possible for practicing letter sounds and sight words with my Kindergarten kiddos.  I try to find things that are fun for them to do so they enjoy practicing them and are excited to do so.  What kindergartner doesn't enjoy play doh:)  I use it two different ways.  Sometimes we roll out the play doh to create the letters in each word and other times we take out the play doh stampers and stamp the letters for the words.  This is a fun center activity and the kids love it.  I also use it at the beginning of kindergarten when we start with working on the letter recognition and sounds.  They just make the letter that matches a sound that I give them or I may say, make the letter that cat starts with.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Persistence Reflection

Persistence Reflection:

Over the past two weeks I have really started to feel the stress level go up higher and higher.  You would think that not being in the classroom would bring that down, but that isn’t the case.  I have found it to be very tough to stay caught up on my masters work.  Spending all day with my super happy little lady has been a true blessing and I really don’t feel the stress when I see her smiling face. However, when she decides not to nap or my husbands traveling for work, my masters work get put on hold.  I have just felt a bit overwhelmed when everything and feel I need to figure something out quick or I am going to be so far behind.  My family is my HUGE rock, but my masters is a pretty good sized rock too right now and I need to remember that for the next three months.
Seeing and reading the persistence piece several times on our ETL was beneficial for me and just what I needed to see at the time.  It was a great piece because it helped me realize what my goal really is…why I started this program in the first place.  I needed to “refocus” on my goal.  It helped me realize that I am doing this to further my education and become a better teacher for my students by gaining more educational knowledge.  I really did lose my focus and over the past two weeks, I have been able to have an eye opener and realize that I can do this and I am going to achieve this goal.  This will NOT be one of those goals that I set and have good intentions, but then never look back at it or achieve it.  I am going to ACHIEVE this goal in three months!
Another piece of this that has helped for was “keeping positive.”  I am going to be honest, staying positive was the last thing I was in the past two weeks.  I am always a very positive person, but I was the farthest from that in the past couple weeks.  I think I used the word “I can’t” more in one week then I have in my whole life.  It wasn’t until my husband pretty much sitting me down and saying that he never hears me say those word, him helping me through my “masters meltdown” and reading the persistence piece yet another time, that I came to realize I am done with the “I can’t” and am on with the “I can” and “I will.”   I know I can do this because I am very positive and have the “I can” attitude when it comes to everything else in my life, but I just have been hitting an rough word when it comes to school…but no more!
I really like the part that said, check your plan, change your plan, and use your plan.  I really needed this piece too during the past couple weeks.  Reading that helped me take a look at how I was doing with my plan, which needed some re-checking.  I needed to change my plan a little bit and that is what I did.  As I stated in the first paragraph, if Hope didn’t nap or Ryan was traveling, homework went unfinished.  So changing my plan needed to be done.  For the past week I have been getting up an hour or two before Ryan goes to work and I have been working hard at crossing things off my list.  It is a good feeling and I am happy that I was able to realize that I needed to have a change in my plan.
Overall, I am feeling much better and more positive then I have in the last couple weeks.  I feel less stressed and more eager than ever to complete this goal in May.  I really needed this persistence piece…it couldn’t have come at a better time in m

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Rainbow Words:

Here is another fun center idea to use when practicing sight words.  It can also be used for spelling words with older kiddos.  All that you need for this activity is a sheet of paper with lines that are numbered and colored pencils or gel pens.  For Kindergarten, I always put the sight words that we are practicing on a white board at the center.  All they do is use a different color for each letter in the word they are writing.  They love this and it is a fun way for them to practice writing and seeing the words.

Haiku Reflection

Since I am not in the classroom this year, I decided to create a Haiku that I could use when I return to the classroom.  I was glad that they used the Thanksgiving idea.  I created mine with that topic as well.  They reason I chose it was because every year during the week of Thanksgiving, I put on a Thanksgiving feast with my students.  We read a lot of book about the first Thanksgiving and what it looked like, what they ate, how they dressed and so on.  The kids love this and on the day before break, we have our own little feast like they had it on the first Thanksgiving.  I though it would be a fun idea to create a Haiku that I could use when introducing this topic to my students.  The slides I created included one on food, guests, clothing, and activities.  I think this will go nicely with the topic.

I did find this very easy to create, but feel that it would be too challenging yet for the age group that I teach.  Kindergartners would not be able to do this for quite some time on their own.  However, I think it they are  introduced to them often, they would possibly be able to do it with assistance.  It is something to at least give a try.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

CC Blog

Candyland Sight Word Game for centers

All kids love Candyland, so why not make it a fun way to practice their sight words while playing it.  All you need is a candyland game and you write the sight words on the cards.  You put one sight word on each card.  The game is played the exact same way except the student can't move to their color on the board until they say the sight word on their card correctly.  The kids love this way of practicing their  words and playing a game.  It is also a plus that the candyland games are super cheap to buy:)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Technology Update

With not being in the classroom right now, I chose some technology goals that I can work on exploring and mastering at home.  The first one that I listed in a previous blog was doing better with google docs. I don't know what it is about them, but I get nervous doing them.  I am afraid that I am doing to share them incorrectly and so on.  I have not tried to do anything in google docs for a while...I was still stuck in the attaching word document stage.  I have realized that it is time to explore more with it and try becoming more familiar with it.  So step one was just learning more about it and practicing by just sending one to my husband as a practice run and being able to find and read comments that are left in my google doc.  I know this doesn't sounds like much right now, but for me it is:)  I will continue to work on feeling comfortable with this and when I do, I would say that it falls under substitution in the SMAR model.  I will be able to use it instead of attaching word docs.  I know that this is a great tool and a easier way to share documents and be able to receive feedback better.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Learning Letter names/sounds with playing:  Connect Four.

One of the ways I have my students practice their letter names/sounds at center time is playing Connect Four.  I took those colored garage sale sticker and wrote the letters on them and then placed them onto the connect four pieces.  The students have to be able to say the letter name and sound before they can place their game piece down the slot.  This is a fun way to practice their letters and sounds and they love playing games with their classmates.